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Exploration of a Journal Article in Sociology

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  • on November 25, 2012
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Journal Article in Sociology

Exploration of a Journal Article in Sociology
Chiwanga, Rae
SOC 100: Intro to Sociology
Dr. J

In her 2010 Article published in the Research Starters Sociology, author Katherine Walker details a newly prominent study in the field of sociology. Sociology of Emotions attempts to define emotions as “socially constructed and culturally variable labels attached to physiological responses to stimuli.”   She addresses the questions of emotions as they relate culture and social bonding, and further ties them into the staged development of children.
In her article, Walker highlights the study of emotions as a fairly new subfield in sociology, while crediting prominent Sociologist such as Emile Durkheim with developing the founding principles that would later become the framework of many classic theorists.   Theories such as one found in book The Elementary Forms of the Religious. In his writings, Durkheim theorizes that emotions are signs of power, generated when people come together to perform collective rituals. And that those intense emotions were in direct correlation to the power of the group. Durkheim further theorizes that emotions are the glue that holds societies together.
Walker goes on to reference other prominent sociologist, and founding figures in Microsociology such as Charles Horton Cooley and Erving Goffman. Cooley and Goffman are credited with the theories of understanding self-development through   interaction with others, and the ability to evoke desired reactions in others through crafted self-presentations. In their theories, Goffman and Cooley further describe society as a place where “individuals create selves to present to others” where the ultimate intent is to save face. And although emotions were an integral part of these and other theorists works, the intimidate details of how they were intertwined into biological and psychological functions would not be fully studied until...

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