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Facebook Essay

  • Submitted by: rssconone7
  • on November 25, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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After talking with many of my peers, and based on my own opinion, I believe that the social network “Facebook” should be completely destroyed. Facebook was created to connect people all over the world, making it accessible to view someone wherever he or she are, and wherever you are all over the world. However, Facebook is not used in this way today. Yes I do admit that so people today may use Facebook for the reason that it was originally created, but for most of the 800 million users currently using Facebook, this is not the case.
Facebook for me is a very big distraction. It has often caused fights between me and my girlfriend, myself and my family, my friends and I, as well as between my friends. Fights, arguments, which could have very easily been avoided if people did not parade their social lives around on Facebook. For example, on one of the pictures that had been posted on Facebook, by a girl I was spending my free time with one day, had her and I in a picture together with her arm around my waist and my arm over her shoulder. My girlfriend did not like this. She had called me on my cellphone overreacting because based on a picture that was posted on Facebook. She immediately assumed the worst. She thought I had feelings for that girl and so on and so forth. This was all assumed based on a simple post by that girl on Facebook. It is also a big distraction while I try and complete my schoolwork. While writing this paper alone, I have looked at my Facebook page over 100 times just to see what was going on in my newsfeed. Watching which one of my friends was posting what, who they were talking too, whom they were hanging out with, so on and so forth. None of this is relevant to me, however I can’t stop myself from checking it.
Facebook is also considered a very serious issue among younger people between ages fourteen and sixteen. One of the major issues concerning Facebook worldwide is cyber bullying. Cyber bullying is a very serious issue and...

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