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Fat Diet Essay

  • Submitted by: sjbusch
  • on November 19, 2013
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The fad diet I chose to research was the Beverly Hills Diet. Judy Mazel first introduced

the Beverly Hills Diet in 1981 and it considered one of the first fad diets (Iliades). Since its

discovery, the diet has been critiqued and slightly altered. Judy Mazel’s book The Beverly

Hills Diet became a best seller and sold almost one million copies. Judy Mazel had struggled

with weight for most of her life and made it her goal to discover a seamless weight loss plan.

The Beverly Hills Diet is a 6 week long program that has an emphasis on fruit intake and it

is based on the theory that the body needs certain digestive enzymes found in specific foods

in order to digest food properly (Iliades). She believed that if food is not digested properly it

turns into body fat (Iliades). The theory also stresses the importance of combining the right

foods together (for example protein and carbs cannot be eaten together). The diet proposes

eating only fruit for the first 10 days, then adding carbohydrate and butter and on the 19th

small amounts of protein are added (Iliades). An example of what a day would look like on the

Beverly Hills Diet is as follows; for breakfast you would eat one type of fruit, and as much as

you want of it. For lunch, you would eat simple carbohydrates such as an avocado sandwich

with sprouts and finally for dinner you would eat rice and vegetables. It is recommended that

the fruits and veggies are to be eaten raw.

Many experts have concluded that this diet does not work. If a person loses weight it is

because of the decreased caloric intake, not because of the combination of certain foods. They

agree that this is an unrealistic diet that could only help for a short period of time. While

there are some pros to this diet such as the diet being low in fats and calories, weight loss,

and there is no calorie counting – the diet does not restrict the amount of food consumed, the...

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