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Faustian Vantages Essay

  • Submitted by: initialgoose
  • on November 8, 2010
  • Category: Arts and Music
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Faustian Vantages

Diving off Cyclopean towers I tumbled through clouds and flowers until I was sitting at the edge of the trees. I dusted my knees as I rose to my feet clearing my eyes to view all I could see.
A ravaged land full of beauty and sand lay before my sight as I trembled inside because no man had ever set foot here before. I braced myself for the storm coming due to changes in weather.
A softly used feather drifted to my side while an Odyssian man in traveling robes offered me a ride. Through trees we fluttered my pulse was asputter from going nowhere slow. Over hill and dale blown by a swiftly breezing gale pushed me farther than I had ever been before.
Stitched space began to rewind a tesseract that intersected time. My Kronotic guide turned inside out so I could read her mind. She took my hand extending wings of leather and lifted me off the softly beaten feather.
Upon the Sands of Shifting Time we alighted and opened a door wherein a vile stench did spew. I panicked and clamored far from enamored at the evil coming forth as a star-spawned Cthulhic monstrosity lumbered from the door. I turned to flee but was firmly planted, muscles locked in a horrific freeze. The monster took flight with my guide into the night and grew smaller as they flew away.
I was lost and alone standing silently I moaned beating my fists upon untold archaic stone. When a Mephistophelic rider on a white horse with a black saddle trotted up from behind a statue and challenged me to a battle of wits.
Beelzebub believed me to be betwixt by the eternal challenge as I harnessed my powers, determined to never be beaten. I thought real hard and produced a jewel to trade for good directions. A map I was given told me to go west, then it was out of breath. I rode tumbleweeds rolling on eastward breezes as I grabbed my surfboard and ran to the shore.
On glassy water I waited reflecting the sun shining upon glistening pearls as Poseidon let the worlds gift curl into blue...

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