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Fcaps Essay

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  • on November 24, 2012
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FCAPS Model: 5 Network Management Models
Robert White
DeVry University
Advanced Network Management with Lab
Dawn Marshall
May 7, 2012

This will be a report providing a brief description of the five network management categories that make up the FCAPS model.
FCAPS Model: 5 Network Management Models
FCAPS is usually a network management tool that is also called the ISO Telecommunications Management Network. FCAPS represents Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance and Security which are required to handle a number of groups inside the ISO model's network management tasks. (IBM, 2012)
Fault management layer this layer must be configure properly or end users will have many different problems. Fault management can have disruptive application and the system will not work properly. Many problems will happened when IT staffs install devices that needs to reconfigure on the systems. Fault Managing operates by spotting, isolating, fixing and recording faults that might occur from time to time inside a network. This management property utilizes trend analysis to help predict errors and eradicates these risks so the network can function without having faults and lower the risk of faults.(IBM, 2012)
Configuration Management has many goals, one of them is to collect information from devices and make it easy for IT managers. In a corporation end users cannot modify their nodes, this has to done by an administrative personal that have right to make changes most application is read only. Database can be queried for information, and as far as the information represents configuration information that is subject to be changed by a manager, the conceptual database can be modified, inserted, and deleted.(IBM, 2012) Configuration management work much better with other processes to make controlling your infrastructure more efficient. To planning your configuration and to make it work without any problem there are a few things that need to happen one...

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