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Fear Essay

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  • on November 25, 2012
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Fear is something that makes you act in a ways that you would never think you would act in your life. The emotion of fear is something that cannot just be simply described because of how it can vary from person to person. People will always have fear within them no matter what they do because it is part of us. It is one of the common emotions that everything in this world shares. Fear can be defined as something that you do not want to happen and causes you react to it depending on the situation.
When people think of fear, one thing that people think of is a scary movie they know of. Many horror movies cause fear in people because the anxiety they cause and how realistic they can be. They way horror movie are made today they can easily be true. The fear caused by horror movies is one that makes a person jump or scream because it scares them suddenly.
Fear is used for heightened awareness such as fear on the battlefield or fear during a rescue attempt. Soldiers use fear on the battlefield to heighten their awareness of the dangers around them. They use that fear to protect themselves and the people around them from harm. Fear during a rescue attempt follows the same premise as the soldiers’ fear, but the difference is that a rescue attempt is a finite situation with a specific end. A fireman uses his sense of fear by heightening his senses to listen for the cry of a baby, a moan of an animal and potential breach or collapse in the structure of a building.
Fear can be a pleasurable experience such as riding a roller coaster, watching a horror movie or climbing treacherous mountains.   Roller coasters use fear for pleasure by using the senses of falling and traveling at uncontrollable speeds to produce a rush of adrenaline. People use horror movies to stimulate fear which in turn creates pleasure due to the fact that the fear is in the confines of safety, typically only producing goose bumps or a slightly increased heart rate.   Mountain climbing differs...

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