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Female Representation in Ancient Art and Society Essay

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  • on November 25, 2012
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Female Representation in Ancient Art and Society

There is no question that the role women play in society has transformed significantly throughout the course of history. Some cultures were centered on the female entity as a symbol of life and fertility, while others strayed towards a more masculine focus. In many ancient cultures, it seems as though women were revered in a sacred light. Although there are scarce written records, if any, left behind by those people, we can draw conclusions about women in society based on the remaining pieces of visual art in existence today. Also, by looking at the composition, technique, and structure of these works, we are able to get insight on what the technology and culture in daily life were like in those far-away times. Just a few great examples of this concept can be observed in sculptures such as Venus of Willendorf; Snake Priestess and other snake goddess figures; and the numerous remaining Cycladic figures. There are some similarities among these pieces, but at the same time, each one is highly unique in its representation of the culture it ties into. Given proper examination and attention, the stories of the way these ancient peoples lived can be told through their artwork.
There are a few major similarities between the three types of figures in question. Firstly and obviously, all of the sculptures are of women. They are clearly given that portrayal by the emphasis –some greater than others – on their sexual organs. Each figure had been stylized and idealized in appearance, depicting women who would have been thought to be outstandingly beautiful through the eyes of their society. They are dressed very minimally (or not at all) in order to showcase their feminine figures.   Although various sizing for some of these statues have been discovered, Venus of Willendorf, the Snake Goddesses, and the Cycladic figures were all found in votive sizes. This indicates that they were used in ceremonies and rituals which were...

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