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Ferrari Essay

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Enzo Ferrari was born in Modena Italy on February 18 1898. His family owned a foundry casting rail road parts, being the envy of many in his home town as the only family to own a car. During WWI   Enzo's father and brother were drafted into the Italian army, sadly both died from influenza, forcing Enzo to leave school early to run the family business, the business went bust. Enzo then went on to work with the Modena fire brigade to support his mother.
Enzo was later drafted into the Italian army mountain artillery division re-shoeing donkeys/mules, not long after he was released from the army due to illness. Not wanting to go back into education Enzo headed to Turin, finding work as a test driver 1918. Enzo then moved to Milan to work at CMN as a racing driver. His first race came in the 1919, the Parma-Berceto in the Apennine Mountains, 1920 saw him move to Alfa Romeo and enter the famous Targa Florio in Sicily near Palermo finishing 2nd and setting a lap record of 2 hrs 5 minutes.  

Enzo left Alfa Romeo in 1929 as a works driver, he then founded Scuderia Ferrari, (literally meaning Ferrari Stable) as a private Alfa Romeo team although the cars were not called Ferrari’s they did have the prancing horse. Due to his success he was hired by Alfa Romeo as head of their racing department in 1938, however after 10 years on his own he found it difficult working for somebody and speculation surrounds whether he quit or was dismissed.
Enzo was prohibited under contract from racing for several years and Scuderia briefly became Auto Avio Costruzioni Ferrari, which made aircraft accessories and tools for Piaggio and RIV in the run up to WWII.
During WWII the original Modena factory was bombed and consequently moved to Maranello where it remains today, it was not until the end of WWII that Enzo could start making cars with his name founding Ferrari Spa in 1947.
Enzo Ferrari was a reclusive man rarely seen in public, he would only leave his home town of...

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