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Film Editing Essay

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  • on November 25, 2012
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Katherine Hancock
Sonja Scullion
English 122
April 10, 2011
As far back as time goes, our perception of reality and how we view our day to day lives and events is a continuous stream of images, no interruptions, no interference.   Shortly after the beginning of the 20th century that would change and we would be confronted with something else – edited film, the ability to cut and reconnect images.   Film is actually “cut” twenty-four times a second.   If you look at a real of film you notice that it’s made up of frames or one might say “windows”.   When filming a movie, 24 of those frames are used in one second of film.   A film editor is literally dealing with 24 frames or “cuts” for every second that’s filmed.   Think about the enormity of how much film an editor is dealing with on any given movie, and having to put that together and have it not only make sense, but be able to captivate an audience and keep their attention for two hours.   This is why I think that being a film editor is by far the most intricate, most artistic, elaborate, labor intensive, and most important aspect of making a feature film.
There are many steps to making a feature film, and every step is important in their own right.   The screenwriter is who writes the story or adapts the story from another piece of writing.   The producer(s), they are responsible for the financial and administrative aspect of the film.   They supply the budget so the movie’s able to be made.   The director has the vision, knows the angle at which to film, and coaches the actors to give the best and most convincing performance they can.   The actors, the talent, the face of the story to which audiences attach themselves to.   And finally the most important position in film making, the editors.  
Editors are given the storyline or script, meet with the director to hear what the director is wanting out of the story, and then they are put to work in a small dark...

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