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Film Review

  • Submitted by: Pyliokas
  • on November 1, 2010
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History of Film Editing
Tue/Thu 11:50-1:20pm

Movie Review Assignment #1

I chose to watch Charlie Chaplin’s movie “The Tramp (1915).

First I will compare this movie to others that we have watched in the classroom. The length of this movie is about one reel, but it could be one and a half, considering that the actual length was about twenty minutes and one reel contained ten to fifteen minutes of tape. What caught my eye the most, was that Chaplin did not use any transitions during the movie. He opened with simple fade in, and finished with and iris and that was it. He also did not use any camera tilting or panning. Chaplin did match the action however. When his character is walking from the house to the outside we see the continuity of the character which although not perfect but it makes the movie more smooth. No stock footage was used, but that is normal considering what the movie was about. Lastly the linear editing method was used but that is logical because non-linear editing is done with cut-and-paste method by a computer, which was not even invented back at that time.
Chaplin was a master of comedies and this was one of them. He used a lot of “slapstick” comedy. Take for instance the scene where he is in the farm, with a guy that carries a white bag (most likely with flour) and Chaplin uses pitchfork to poke his butt to make him go faster. Another scene where the same guy and Tramp (Charlie Chaplin) tries to get the bags from the top floor of the farm down, Chaplin throws the bags down without looking and hits the guy to his head every single time. And those are just a few from the movie to prove the point of “slapstick” comedy in this movie.
The narrative clarity is only okay, in my opinion. First, there were no inner-scenes that had text that told us what is happening. You had to figure it out by yourself. I had to go online and read the plot summary on what is going on, because I was confused from the beginning. So when I think of this...

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