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Final Season Essay

  • Submitted by: sallynow
  • on November 25, 2012
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The Final Season
This year’s 9th grade had the chance to watch “The Final Season”.   We were assigned to analyze the characters and find themes or lessons told in the story.   I wrote down a lot of themes but the two I liked best are never give up and have hope, and that it’s more than just winning the game when you work hard and fight for it, by not caring what the score is and just playing the game right.   The characters in the movie were all interesting and I chose to write about Mitch Akers.
In the movie the characters all point out a lot of great themes and lessons. It was hard to just pick two. One that had popped out at me was never give up and have hope. The reason it popped out at me was because people always say that it is okay to make mistakes and I think that it applies to the theme I picked very well. Even if you do make mistakes you should keep trying and never give up until you get it right. To have hope is something everyone should have towards yourself and others. People should have hope towards themselves because hope is apart of our self-esteem. If we have a low self-esteem we can’t express ourselves and be open to making mistakes. If we aren’t open to making mistakes and expressing ourselves we won’t be able to grow as a person. To have hope for others makes them feel like they are important, loved, and wanted by you. Giving them that feeling makes them have a high self-esteem and they won’t be afraid to make mistakes without feeling embarrassed by others. To never give up takes courage, to make mistake also takes courage. In the movie the Norway baseball team goes to the championship game and they go up against a tough team. They all worked together to work hard to beat the other team. In the end Norway won because they never gave up and had hope in each other.

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