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Final Words Essay

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  • on November 19, 2013
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In In Cold Blood by Truman Capote, the two murderers of the Clutter family, Dick and Perry, were sentenced to death, and their final statements were shocking. The recording of final statements has become a tradition in most states that enforce the death penalty, and are even available online for those killed in the state of Texas. Although many people argue that this is unethical, the recording of the final statements have many purposes to the families of the victims and future cases. Dick and Perry’s final statements, and the final statements of two other criminals that have been executed, Cornelius Goss and Toronto Patterson, show how important final statements can be, but also can leave the case unresolved.
Dick Hickock was the first to die of the pair of Clutter murderers. Dick’s final statement was peculiar, primarily asking if any members of the Clutter family was there, only to be disappointed to learn that there wasn’t, then only saying that he had no hard feelings towards any of the men responsible for his capture and execution, then shaking hands with each one, saying he was glad to see them again. Perry however, said that although it felt inappropriate to him, he wanted to apologize for what he did, since he felt truly sorry. Both statements were meant to help somebody to feel more at ease about the murder, for Hickock’s the men who arrested him, which seemed to work since Dewey soon felt much better about the murders, while Smith’s was meant to apologize to the remaining Clutter family. Although, Perry’s statement allowed for much more closure then Dick’s, since Dick didn’t even mention the murder that he was being killed for. Final words often result in the apology for emotional hardship, but rarely end in closure such as Perry’s did.
Cornelius Goss was convicted of the murder of Carl Leevy in 1987, and eventually was put to death in February of 2000. The thirteen years between the murder and the execution was one of the longest ever gaps in...

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