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Financial Crisis Essay

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Below is an essay on "Financial Crisis" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Harvard , Leicester , Warwick or for that matter any top Business School in the world is said to have collectively flooded the global market with MBA’s and other highly qualified professionals who have acquired prestigious and highly effective positions in the Financial and Corporate world , they have been expected to direct the world economy in the right and positive direction. But, the question remains that have they succeeded in doing so?   Because, if they have then what was the reason for the Global Financial Meltdown of 2008 and the current market scenario. Did the business schools miss out on something while grooming their MBA’s and other professionals, which resulted in the highly famous Lehman Brothers demise? Or this is just a small part of a big picture. All these questions have been hot topics of debate since the financial crisis and have always remained unanswered and neutral.
The Guardian a British daily newspaper has dubbed business schools as “Academics of the Apocalypse” and named and shamed dozens of international and highly flying MBA’s as “toxic bankers and scammers”. But, were the business schools really responsible and are they to be blamed for the financial crisis?
“Collectively no” says Jonathan Slack, chief executive officer of the Association of Business Schools (ABS) which represents all 144 UK business schools. Jonathan Slack has taken a neutral stand on this topic saying that business schools are solely not responsible for the financial crisis but there can be no denying to the fact that MBA’s got into high positions in the industry and were involved in high risk taking which may have resulted in the current financial scenario. According to me there has been a better approach towards this sensitive topic because Business schools alone cannot be blamed for the financial crisis as annually there are about 4,00,000 non MBA’s who enter the Finance Industry, what about their Ethics? In the demise of Lehman Brother’s Richard Fuld has been...

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