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Financial Issues Essay

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  • on October 27, 2010
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In the past month we have read three short stories, D.H. Lawrence’s “The Rocking-Horse Winner,” James Joyce’s “Araby,” and Katherine Mansfeild’s “A Cup of Tea”. All three stories illustrate a theme of financial concern.   The financial concern shapes the characters’ actions. There are some similarities and differences in these stories and in my own life.
In “The Rocking-Horse Winner” the mother always wanted money. She drove her son, Paul, to bet on horses to min money. Paul won many horse races and gave the money to his mom to pay off the debts, but instead she spent it on stuff she did not need. Her money issue led Paul to kill himself riding the rocking horse to find the winner of the Derby.
The narrator in “Araby” really likes a girl and wanted to buy her something. His uncle was late getting home so the boy did not have much money to buy anything or much time. When he got to the araby, or carnival, he looked around a little before it closed. He could not find anything that he could afford. By the time the araby closed he came to the epiphany that he was driven by vanity and you do not need money to find true love and happiness.
The main character, Rosemary, in “A Cup of Tea” wanted to impress everyone. She always got what she wanted. One day a poor girl came up to her and asked for money to buy a cup of tea. Rosemary brought her home, but only so she could tell her friends about her kindness to make her look good. Rosemary’s husband told her that he thought the girl, Miss Smith, was pretty. Rosemary then gave the girl money and asked her to leave.
In my own life we have many financial concerns. My mom was in a car accident so she does not work. We only live off of one income and social security. My Grandfather and my uncle help pay for my sister and I to go to York Catholic. My dad needs both of us to get a job to help out because my mom tends to buy stuff when she cannot afford.
“The Rocking-Horse Winner” and “A Cup of Tea” are similar because the...

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