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Finding Forester Essay

  • Submitted by: detrathom01
  • on November 9, 2010
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Evaluating ‘Finding Forrester’ Writing holds an almost mystical power. It changes those who wield it, and
changes those around it. In “Finding Forrester” young Jamal Wallace uses this power to
become the student of the reclusive William Forrester, a man so changed by the power of
his writing he doesn’t even view himself as a human anymore, just the mystical author
that wrote the amazing book “Avon Landing”. Their writing and the majesty behind it
leads them to a level of trust and friendship that must withstand the force of each others
frailties as well as the hammer blows of the world around them, and succeeds. “Finding
Forrester” shows that geniuses don’t become geniuses by themselves, but only by
allowing those close to them to uncover the amazing hidden things inside themselves

The ghetto breed Bronx genius Jamal Wallace, played by Rob Brown, is a boy
who appears nothing more then a basketball-wielding black kid, but at home has stacks of
books, all memorized. Dared to break into the apartment of the mysterious man only
known as “The Window”, Jamal accidentally drops his backpack, only to find it later with
all his notebooks scratched in and edited. Lead by his thirst for knowledge Jamal goes
back to the apartment and meets the legendary author William Forrester, a old man who
hasn’t left his apartment in forty years. As Jamal begins his tutelage he is given a
scholarship to a renounced private school because of his amazing test scores. There, the
prejudice and jealousy of the English professor and failed author, Professor Crawford,
forces Jamal’s loyalty to Forrester to the test, as well as forces William to take up a stand
to save Jamal’s academic career.

Jamal Wallace, played by the new actor Rob Brown filled the shoes of the ghetto savant brilliantly. One character attribute that lead to rob being such a good choice was
how laid back and un-cliché Jamal was. When faced with Williams mock-racism or even the real racism of Crawford,...

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