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Finding Forrester Essay

  • Submitted by: stephanie29
  • on November 18, 2013
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Finding Forrester

In the movie Finding Forrester Jamal Wallace is a sixteen year old African American boy, who unexpectedly meets William Forrester.   William was a sixty year old man, who remained recluse after writing a prize winning novel.   Jamal and William were very alike and had contrasting personalities.   Throughout the movie they showed integrity, loyalty, and a great friendship.
Even though Jamal and Forrester had their differences at the beginning, both individuals were very alike.   Jamal and Forrester both lived in the Bronx, and had a passion for reading and writing.   They both had to overcome a problem in which they helped each other.   Forrester needed to overcome his reclusiveness.   Jamal needed to overcome his reclusiveness not physically, but he hid his talent because of what others might think of him.   Soon after, they were able to pursue their dreams.
Jamal was a sixteen year old who maintained a C average to avoid criticism from his friends.   Jamal felt as if basketball was more respected by his friends and did not want to standout academically.   Jamal makes it to a private school where he finds himself being stereotyped by Professor Crawford, a failed author.   On the other hand, Forrester was a sixty year old man the author of Avon Landing.   After writing this amazing novel, he remained reclusive until he met Jamal who showed him a different path in life.   Forrester is also very secretive and does not like disclosing any personal information about himself.   From being completely alone, he became best friends with someone who taught him a new meaning of life and living it to the fullest.
Jamal and Forrester were opposites in many ways, but through their passion for writing they teach each other a valuable lesson about life.   Jamal showed loyalty and respect to Forrester, he made a promise that whatever was written in Forrester’s home stayed there.   Until one day he joined the writing contest and used one of the essays written at...

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