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Firefighters Essay

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My speech           topic: firefighters

Have you ever thought that a firefighter could be a hero? I know they can because my dad is a firefighter. He and other firefighters save houses, people, pets, and lots of other things. So I know. Some of you might even have family members that are firefighters. Well it is very important that they are doing what they do. Stay with me as I tell you more.

Every day new people join the fire station. They don’t do what they do because they have to or because they need to they do it because they want to. They do what is right!! There are over 100 volunteer firefighters in Mercer County!!! If you think that’s a lot of volunteer firefighters then think of how many volunteer firefighters there are in the world!!!!!!!!

Firefighters are very important to our world!   If we did not have firefighters than these things might or will happen more people will die, more pets or animals will die, people will lose more property, and lots more. We are very lucky to have firefighters to make sure that these things don’t happen. We are lucky .   if these things happen than every thing would be soo different. We are so lucky as I said!!!!

Firefighters are brave! They are brave to go into burning houses and put the fire out!! If they did not do that then we would not have all the houses we have today. When they go in the fire they do not panic they go in and put the fire out and come out. They are brave to not panic!!!

I hope you have enjoyed my speech today. Now it is time for me to go. Thank you for listening. And remember that if we didn’t have firefighters things might or will change! Next time you see a firefighter thank them for what they have done!!

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