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First Concert Report

  • Submitted by: nesly93
  • on November 24, 2012
  • Category: Arts and Music
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My first concert at the University   was at 7:30 pm on Tuesday, September 4, 2012 in Wheeler Concert Hall. My first reaction was to see the room full of people, and most of them where students. I was not expecting that because for me, it was the kind of concert in which the majority of the majority of the audience is people aged over 30 years. It was quite impressing and everyone looked happy to be there.
      The first piece of the concert was “A Carmen Fantasy” written in 1989 by Frank Proto. The overall mood of the piece was impressive, it was performed by Timothy Zifer on trumpet and Anne Fiedler on piano. Its tempo changed from slow to a bit faster more than once, it wasn’t constant. This piece seems to be in minor key and incorporate some dynamics changes, this made the performance effective and the texture used here was homophony. What made the piece sound difference was the changes on tempo, the all piece sound soft and slow but the changes on tempo made it more recognizing.
    The second piece of the concert was “Don Quixote à Dulcinée” of   a french composer Maurice Ravel, written in 1922. Actually it is a collection of three songs but Jon Truitt on baritone and Douglas Reed on piano just performed one song which is “Chanson épique”. The overall mood of the song was love, church love and the text was about Don Quixote invoking Saint Michel and Saint Georges for intercession in favor of his “sweet lady”. The piece seemed to be in minor key and the texture used here was homophony. This performance is divided into two different parts, the first part the atmosphere is gathered and the second part is identified by the voice buildup and the lowering of the voice after reaching the climax.
    The third piece of the concert is Gavotte by Manuel Ponce it was written in 1929 and performed by Renato Butturi on classical guitar.The tempo of the piece sound sad and remained constant during all tthe performance. This piece seemed to be in minor key and the dynamic...

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