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First Day Essay

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  • on November 18, 2013
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First Day
    I had just graduated high school about two months ago just starting my first semester in college. It was a summer semester and I started off taking three classes. This was all new to me my parents were no longer taking me and picking me up form school anymore.   I would walk in the blaring Miami heat to the FIU engineering center then from there take the bus to the main campus.   This was a special semester where I took all three classes with the same people who were all studying to be engineers as well.
    My first class started on a Monday at 10 am. It was a class every student has to take: the First Year Experience class. This class was designed to help students learn their way around the college and know where they can go if they need any help. The building was all the way at the other side of the college from where the bus stop was. It was another long walk in the scorching Miami heat.
    I remember running through the automatic glass doors into the tall cool building to escape the heat. Finally inside I pulled out my schedule from my back pocket unfolded it and checked which floor I need to go and rode the elevator up. Finally at the fourth floor I walked my way down the hall and to the classroom door. I was nervous as I reached for the handle not sure what I would find inside seeing as I was ten minutes early the classroom could have been empty. As I opened the door I saw most of the people I had spent the orientation day with inside conversing with each other. I also found an unexpected friend I had in high school which put much of my nerves to ease. After about fifteen minutes of catching up we started to wonder when the professor was going to arrive or if we were in the right class to begin with. Just as the rest of the class was going to ask someone from the office next door about what to do our professor walks in. He came in a frantic rush apologizing for being late. Now my first class of college has finally begun. As most classes...

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