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First Lady Essay

  • Submitted by: luvcrushy
  • on November 25, 2012
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Gender – October 31, 2012

  1. Sex & Gender
  * Biologically rooted; describes our physical bodies whereby we distinguish between male and female
  * Categorized based on binaries implying diametrical opposites “opposite sex”
  * Socially constructed characteristics associated with girls, boys men and women.
  * Masculinity and femininity
  * Also suggest binary opposition
Intersexed Individuals
  * Born with ambiguous genitalia
  * How do we decide who is male and who is female?
Transgender & Transsexual Individuals
- Transgender used as an umbrella term fro those who do not fit into normative constructions of sec and gender
- Transsexual used to encompass and undergo sex reassignment

  2. Masculinity & Femininity
Culturally dominant forms of masculinity and femininity
Hegemonic Masculinity (Connell, 1987)
  * Ideal of masculinity that men are supposed to strive to achieve
  * Derives from Gramsci
  * Requires men to be successful, capable and reliable
  * Irrevocably tied to heterosexuality
Emphasized Femininity
  * Based on women’s compliance with their subordination to men
  * Requires women to be supportive, enthusiastic and sexually attractive

  3. Reproducing Gender
  * Gender expectations begin at birth
  * Child- rearing practices are deeply gendered
  * Parents spend more time talking to girls while leaving boys alone; punish their sons more often than daughters
  * Gender divisions of household labour
  * Hidden Curriculum: girls learn that they are not as important as boys ( boys typically tend to get more than girls in the classroom)
  * Teachers interact with boys more than girls in the classroom
  * Praise girls for being congenial and neat while boys praised for intellectual quality
  * Chilly climate

Gender divisions reflected in and reinforced by all forms of media
Television shows
- E.g. Desperate housewives, Grey’s Anatomy, Lipstick...

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