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Fishing for Me? Essay

  • Submitted by: dragon19
  • on November 25, 2012
  • Category: English
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Fishing For Me?

It was August 18th on a calm and yet breezy day in Portland, Maine. It was the day I had been waiting for ever since my dad had bought an ocean boat. All of the gear was set, hooks, lines, sinkers, and bait. As everyone knows nothing ever goes perfect when you want it to. There's always that random dilemma that pops up and of course it had to be my four uncles that forgot their gear or wallet. Everything was set except for my four uncles who were running 25 minutes.
My dad who's a serious two faced grump when no one is not on time went on a 15 minute rant on how things should of gone. My mom and I didn't care because after a while of trying to calm him down, he gets livid and plays the blame game when usually it's his fault. My sister Katrina who is 5 years old, a preppy and care free girl playing with her new hello kitty dolls just screams, “Kiki can't hear me over your loud voice!” My father the serious Chinese man like you would see in cartoons puts his pride aside and gives everyone another call to rush over. It's been 40 minutes now and waiting felt like an eternity that gave no chance of hope like the trip was going to ever happen. I hated waiting, it was the one thing that an 8 year boy despised. Mom and Katrina went inside to go watch cartoons. My first thought was I give up I'm going too! Just as I opened the front door all four of my uncles finally made it. My dad changed his faced and his first two thoughts was, “NEVER AGAIN IS THIS HAPPENING” and the second was, “WHAT THE *@#% HAD HAPPENED!” Their reply was Kevin had lost his license and they found it in his right boot. It was now 10:23am and we finally left.
About 15 minutes away from the dock we decided to to get some breakfast at McDonald. We all ate as fast as possible so we could set out onto sea. When we finally got there we packed the boat with all the gear and buckets. Finally we were all set and leaving about 70 miles out. My dad took no time speeding his way out through...

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