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Five Poems W/ Notes For "The Group" By Mark Mccarthy Essay

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  • on November 7, 2010
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The Transformation of Kay Leiland Strong


I am burning.

Flames reach between fingers,

curl strands of blackened hair to ash.

Deep in my bones; a transformation.

The marrow boils, searing away

human weakness of flesh and fat,                  

vapor rising from my pores - as waves of heat

from the salt flats - when touched by the first

rays of the sun, triumphant in the East.


Keep telling yourself this,

Step forward!

that love is an illusion,

that love is no more than a chemical reaction,

a trick our minds play when we’re caught off-guard,

by a sly smile, a supple figure.

If any man can show just cause, why they may not be lawfully joined together,
let him now speak, or else hereafter for ever hold his peace.

Just keep telling yourself this, Strong.

Remember what Miss Washburn said,

that we should live our lives, as the animals,

without monogamy or romantic love.

His specialties were Italian spaghetti,
a quick-and-easy meatloaf his mother had taught him,
his chili con carne, you served it over rice. That was his mother’s too.

Choose a mate based on scientific fact,

on healthy chromosomes, promising genes,

not fleeting emotions that encourage you

to overlook the fatal flaws and melancholy.

She would almost rather commit suicide herself
than make Judith’s “quick-and-easy meat loaf.”

You should have remembered this, Strong.

I found them on your coat, Harald,

three coarse white hairs,

so out of place.

They must have come from some polar bear,

lost and wandering,

one block east of the subway stop,

on Lexington Avenue, near the New Weston Hotel.

I found them on your coat, Harald,

the one with the scent of decaying leaves,

of burnt hair and cheap cigarettes.

Her Socialist bouquet doesn’t suit you.


They said
              remove your belt,

        wedding ring


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