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Football Essay

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  • on November 18, 2013
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My American Dream is to play NFL football; the only way to get there is to follow my dream. Recently during spring training for football I got hurt ever since that my whole life changed.   Playing football has a big effect on me in my life because my whole family played football from my uncles to my older cousins so it was only right that I played football and succeed in it, but when I got hurt I thought my dream was dismissed until something happened.
The results for me getting hurt wasn’t good at all I had a torn ACL/MCL, and a patella dislocation the way it hurt so much I thought I wasn’t going to walk again until my Orthopedic doctor told me that I could have surgery and maybe be able to play again!!! From that moment I was so relieved and happy. If I would have surgery it would have me out for 8 months so I decided to do it and get it over with so I would be able to continue my dream.   3 weeks later I had my surgery done and started physical therapy every day.   After that my knee has improved dramatically and I thought I could play so I went visit my doctor.
For once and all I was disappointed because he told me “Desmond you only been out for a couple of months I suggest you should not play until next season”.   From that point I was determined to heal my leg quick, so I decided to run at school with the physical trainer to strength my knee and get in shape for next season. Ever since then my leg has never gave out on me or torn. I ‘am now running, blocking, and cutting I’m ready for next season!! I believe that everyone should follow their dream like Tony Hawk said. If I didn’t follow my dream I don’t think I would be where I’m at now. THE END

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