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Football Dangers Essay

  • Submitted by: 13igmonkey
  • on November 15, 2010
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The changing colors of the tree tops signifies one thing to me- the beginning of the football season and the many injuries that come with it.   There are many injuries a football player can suffer, but a concussion is the most serve. Second Impact Syndrome (SIS) is an injury caused by returning back to sports too soon after suffering a concussion. Brandon Schultz is prefect example of a high school football player who suffered from SIS. Another injury a football player needs to worry about is a torn ligament. Only time can heal the injuries many football players may acquire, but those who are impatient can suffer from major consequences.
Many people have heard of a concussion, but many of them do not know what a concussion is. A concussion is a brain injury often caused by a blow to the head or violent motion that causes the brain to bump against the skull. A concussion may also be called a traumatic brain injury, or closed head injury. Depending on the severity, a concussion may result in: bad headaches, altered levels of awareness, unconsciousness, vomiting, confusing, and memory lost.   The severity of a concussion is categorized as mild(grade 1), moderate(grade 2), and severe(grade 3) (cite). Beth A. Tommasone, a author in the Journal of Athletic Trainers, reported over 50% of high school players and 56%   collegiate football players did not report a having a concussion because they misunderstood it to be a minor headache and did not realize how serious a concussion can be (cite).
The truth behind concussion is that a person who has already suffered from a concussion is more likely to get a second or maybe even a third concussion than a person who never suffered from one.   Players that do not know they have a concussion are at a higher risk of dying from Second Impact Syndrome(SIS). SIS is a condition in which the brain swells rapidly, and   it occurs because a player   returns playing sports too soon after suffering from a concussion.
Brandon Schuetz is one...

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