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Ford Ad Critique

  • Submitted by: Srobertson35
  • on November 18, 2013
  • Category: English
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I am critiquing the Ford Fiesta add found in Peoples Style Watch magazine on page 179. This advertisement is telling about the amazing features and benefits of the new Ford Fiesta. Ford has made a reliable vehicle that can take travelers a far distance because of its estimated 41 MPG. This advertisement does a great job at triggering the younger crowd to want to buy this new car. The add mainly shows off that this car gets amazing gas mileage and is perfect for traveling and having fun while doing it. The layout of the add makes it look fun and different. The middle of the page has different styles of writing expressing the good things about the car. The different fonts of writing are used to point out the main points about the car. Around the writing is picture collages, that show younger kids traveling around the world to different places and having a blast while doing it. It shows the car in a few different bright colors to show the audience that there is the perfect color for everyone. The pictures indicates that this car is also tough, it can handle different conditions in different parts of the world. They try to show off this car as sporty and bright, but still good for the economy and good on gas. One picture in this photo collage shows off the high tech features on the interior of the car. This Advertisement does a great job at triggering the younger audience, and showing off the wonderful benefits of this car.

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