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Foreign Policy (Mitt Romney vs Barack Obama) Essay

  • Submitted by: moosejaw
  • on November 23, 2012
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Foreign policy is a fast growing issue in international and American politics. Barack Obama, (the democratic presidential nominee), and Mitt Romney (the republican presidential nominee), have very similar foreign policy beliefs. the obama administration has had many decisions to make in the last four years that Barack Obama has been in office. Mitt Romney agrees with a lot of the decisions that he has made, so there is not a lot of grounds for Romney to attack the Obama administration on his foreign policy for this upcoming twenty twelve election. One of the largest issues the two candidate agree on is stoping Iran on there quest for nuclear weapons. these two candidates have similar outlooks and ideas on many issues in international relations, but they also have topics that they do not agree on. one of the biggest issues in foreign policy in this years upcoming election is the candidates idea’s on how to handle the issues in Israel. the subject of Israel is the most talked and debated about foreign policy issue in the 2012 election. And the two presidential candidate have much different ideas on what to do with the united states support of Israel. As well as diffrent ideas on how to budget foreign aid (to cut or to spend more). needless to say there are many issues that these two candidates have to have a plan for, and with the election coming up both of these mens foreign policy seam to be just about on the same track, what makes there iseas very is caused by many diffrent reasons and baliefs by either .
Why are we Spending so much money in other countries infrastructure while ours is getting worse and worse? our national debt has exceeded 16 trillion dollars , but yet we still spend billions of dollars on foreign aid to help other countries. this question calls for both presidential nominees to draw a plan together and give the public an explanation on how they are going to fix this problem. Mitt Romney promises to drastically reduce foreign aid by stating...

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