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Frankenstein's Bibliotherapy Essay

  • Submitted by: jarel12
  • on November 18, 2013
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Fryer, Jarel
1.07B Frankenstein Paper
In Dire Need of Bibliotherapy
    A human tends to learn and grow and understanding as the human gets older. In Frankenstein, the monster begins his life similar to a baby: ignorant. The creature only grows and understanding because of the books he discovers while hiding near the De Lacey’s. The books are: Paradise Lost, Plutarch’s Lives, Sorrows of Werter, and Ruins of Empires. Certain parts of each of these books caused the monster to go delirious. The monster could use some serious bibliotherapy.
    Thomas Volney’s Ruins of Empires creates the monster’s abhorrence to man. Because of the monster reading Ruins of Empires, the monster learns of man’s obsession with wealth and class. The book is the start of the monster’s abhorrence to man, as the monster thinks that he cannot fit in with people because he does not own any property and does not know he was born. So, the monster begins to believe that he is an outcast. I would replace this book with The Ugly Duckling. Ruins of Empires causes the monster to lose self-esteem. The Ugly Duckling is well renowned for creation of self-esteem in children.
    Sorrows of Werter is a great example of romanticism, as emotion is always chosen over reason. In the book, Werter seeks to understand his place in the world. The book would actually be pretty good for bibliotherapy except for two elements: suicide and inquisitiveness.   The introduction of suicide to any person or being is not good. Being too inquisitive can lead to your downfall. Because of the monster wanting to learn more, the monster was destined to die of suicide, similar to Werter. I would replace this book with Chrysanthemum. This book uses a lot of comforting words, such as “precious” and “beautiful”. These words would help the monster gain more.
    Plutarch’s Lives is a composed of stories about the lives of the leaders of the early classic governments. The monster learns what he knows about human...

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