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Frederick Douglass Essay

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  • on November 17, 2010
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Douglass has an interaction with Mr. Covey which brings about a huge turning point in his life as a slave. He was able to obtain a sense of power and cause Covey some embarrassment. This embarrassment set up somewhat of a wall between Douglass and Covey. Covey didn’t want to have any more confrontations with Douglass due to the possibility of him being humiliated again. Although Covey knew he didn’t stand much of a chance against Douglass, he didn’t let it show and talked as though he was the tough one. Evidence of this is shown when on numerous occasions Covey would say, “he didn’t want to get a hold of him again” (Douglass, p. 69). Douglass agreed to this remark due to the fact that Covey would end up worse than he did the first time. This brought back Douglass’ determination to be free and escape his painful life in the fields of slavery.
During Douglass’ time with Covey before the fight, there were a lot of things that lowered his ambition and distinguished his hope. Douglass had a couple days of illness and still went to the field to work but one day he couldn’t do it. He had to sit and had crawled away from the machines and as soon as Covey heard the fans stop he rushed down to Douglass. Covey arrived to see a sickly Douglass and began to kick him repeatedly. Covey even picked up a “hickory slat” which he used to strike Douglass over the head leaving a blood gushing wound upon his forehead. (Douglass, p.65). This was tough living for Douglass and brought whatever drop of morale he had down to nothing. There was one day for leisure which was on Sundays and Douglass was so broken by Covey that he often pondered taking his own life as well as Covey’s.
After Covey and Douglass’ confrontation, Douglass was ecstatic and even said, “The gratification afforded by the triumph was a full compensation for whatever else might follow, even death itself” (Douglass, p.69). This shows how much Douglass actually obtained from the battle and how much he has turned his...

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