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Free Space Essay

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PIERS ONLINE, VOL. 6, NO. 4, 2010


Infrared Detection Module for Free Space Optics
Marcin Ratajczyk1 , Ryszard Paliwoda1 , Maciej Rzeczkowski1 , Waldemar Gawron2 , Jaroslaw Pawluczyk1 , and J´zef Piotrowski1 o

VIGO System S.A., 05-850 Ozarow Mazowiecki, 129/133 Poznanska str., Poland Institute of Applied Physics, Military University of Technology, 2 Kaliskiego Str., Warsaw 00-908, Poland


Abstract— Free space optics (FSO) communication in LWIR range is less sensitive to atmosphere features. VIGO System S.A. — company from Poland — develops high performance detector module optimized for LWIR range. We present new detection module dedicated to open space optical communication optimized for 10 µm. Module specification: Detector: PVI-2TE-10 photodiode with immersion lens, thermoelectrically cooled. Operating temperature range: −30 . . . + 60◦ C. Detector temperature stabilization precision: 0.01◦ C. Detector time constant: < 1 ns. Preamplifier bandwidth: 100 MHz. √ Input current noise: 5 pA/ Hz. Detector capacity < 5 pF.

Detection module is based on PVI-2TE-10 HgCdTe photodiode, thermoelectrically cooled by two stage Peltier cooler. It is optimized for long wavelength — 10 µm. TEC controller stabilizes detector temperature with high precision in wide ambient temperature range. Immersion lens enables optimization of the detector physical dimensions, decreasing detector capacity and time constant. Module parameters enables maximum transmission speed 100 Mb/s. Low bit error rate requires correct transmission with low and high signal level. Detector and preamplifier have wide linear working range, noise optimization provides module high detectivity. DC reverse bias increases dynamic resistance and improves frequency response.


A new trend in the development of broadband free-space optical communication is the application of long-wave infrared radiation (8–14 µm) [1–4]. The main advantage of this solution is decreased radiation...

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