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Freedom Of Life Essay

  • Submitted by: rocky71407
  • on November 16, 2010
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Joseph Parker
Eng 102
Dr. Smith
Freedom of Life

We have all heard about the struggles of different minorities trying to keep their deserved place in the world. America was supposedly founded on the ideas of freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Equality; one word that has deemed itself to be prevalent throughout all of America's human rights debates. I find it sad that through the majority of minorities, one minority seems to be cast aside. Native Americans lived in this country thousands of years before anyone else even knew about it, now we are one of the smallest minorities in this country. Even more sickening, the government’s hatred of Native Americans allowed for one of the most heinous acts ever to be committed by such an advanced and industrial country, that even today they deny.
When Hitler rose to power in Germany, and went forth with his plan to commit a mass genocide against the Jews, the whole world went to war. When Andrew Jackson told his men to exterminate the native people of a new found country, other "civilized" countries such as France, Great Britain, and Spain also went to war, but not for the native people whom were being slaughtered and robbed of their homes, but for their land. Andrew Jackson ordered that after battles with Native Americans, his men were to systematically kill all Native American women and children in order to completely wipe out the "Indians". “The colonizers killed Native American women and children as part of a strategy to conquer, subdue, and destroy Indian nations and take control of their lands”(Silliman, Jael. Fried, Marlene. Ross, Loretta. Gutierrez, Elena. 105). It seems as though we Americans find it easy to point out the evils in a far away country, but when one of our own presidents tries to do the same thing to the Native Americans that Hitler did to the Jews, we suddenly forget it ever happened.
Native American women have always been at the brunt of the attack. This is why women’s...

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