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French And Indian War Essay

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  • on November 7, 2010
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The French and Indian War(1754-63) altered the political, economic, and ideological relationship between Britain and its American colonies in many ways. The relationship was altered politically due to Britain’s control of the entire eastern coastline, economically on how British policies after 1763 were designed to raise revenue to pay for the cost of the empire, and ideologically because American colonists beliefs on the relationship between Britain and the colonies changed. What first triggered the French and Indian War was the prosperous growth of both the French and the British. Prior to the French and Indian War, the French held a large portion of the North Americas. The French had claim land expanding across along the Mississippi River to Louisiana. As the English settlement developed and prospered, their aspiration to settle in the lands past the Appalachians grew. After the French and Indian War, the French had lost an enormous amount of land to the English and Spanish.
The British completely eliminated the French, leaving them in control of the entire eastern coastline, creating an extreme change in North America. In (Document A, North America before 1754 and after 1763) it shows the increase of English control. With this, Britain had to not only govern the well-being of there own land but also that of the colonies. The British were in an extreme debt. This allowed monarchs to accuse colonists for their loss of revenue. The British believed that, since they "protected" the colonists, they should be repaid. After 1763, Britain was in dire need for revenue to pay for the French and Indian War. Britain was clever on finding ways to raise revenue from the colonies. From 1650 to the end of the French and Indian War was a period of "salutary neglect". Britain had very little involvement in the lifestyle of the colonies. After the French and Indian War, Mercantilism became strictly enforced. Mercantilism was a form of raising revenue from the colonies in which...

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