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French in America Essay

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  • on November 17, 2013
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After Columbus had discovered the New World in 1492, many countries in Europe began sending expeditions to claim land there in their name. It was a race to see who could conquer the newly discovered land and find its many riches. France was not going to fall behind, and after a rough start in South and Central America, it found its greatest success in North America.
The French started their exploration in the new world in the early 16th century after hearing the many stories of the Portuguese and Spanish’s success. The king of France, Francis the I, sent an Italian man named Giovanni de Verrazano to explore the regions of what is now Florida and New Foundland in search for a route to the Pacific Ocean as well as wealth. Giovanni arrived in South Carolina and sailed north from there, but didn’t find this passage. About a decade later in 1534, a French navigator by the name of Jacque Cartier set out on the first of his three voyages to explore the coast of New Foundland and into the gulf of the St. Lawrence River. Jacque and the French tried to establish permanent settlements in North America but failed do to the cold, harsh climate, diseases they had never been exposed to, and attacks by other nations. It wasn’t until 1608 that France established its first permanent settlement known as Quebec, and the area around it would be known as New France. Samuel de Champlain found the settlement, and he and the Frenchmen would use Quebec as a base to explore other areas surrounding New France. The city of Quebec though, was very slow in settling. Associates from the Company of New France established by Richelieu in 1627 were hoping to bring 200 settlers to the colony each year, but this target was never reached. In 1660, King Louis XIV declared Quebec as a royal providence. Now that Quebec was being backed up by France, settlers began rushing into the colony. This caused a turning point for New France as its population began to rise, and it began exploration south and west...

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