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Fresh Orientation Essay

  • Submitted by: The101viper101
  • on November 23, 2012
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Is Freshman Orientation Day necessary? To most teens today it is a way to familiarize them with the campus. First they get to meet the vast variety of teachers, and then they will get to meet a new and broad based student body, in a way teens will also have a glimpse of the glory of Richland High and experience the opportunity of being part of a community. In my personal opinion Freshman Day is something that most students should have the option to experience.
Starting high school is a very scary thing to do, so who would want to go there not knowing were there classes are. Not knowing were the math class is or which way to go to get to second period. Frosh Day takes the pressure off of not knowing. This day gives the freshman a chance to get to know their teacher’s and to make their first impressions of the staff they will be dealing with for the next four years. Richland High has a large staff and generally the student body will not interact with them all, however on Freshman Day the new students get the opportunity to at least interact with their staff.
Richland High school has broad based student body to satisfy the student’s specific interests. There is something for everyone. On Frosh Day the new students are introduced to the many activities offered at the school. They meet new people and get the chance to make new friends and find where they belong. This day also provides the students with a chance to meet the A.S.B councilors and leadership groups.
The high school has been around a long time and has set in traditions in the school. Freshman Day is a part of the Richland High school tradition, and taking that away would be erasing traditions that have been around for years. Frosh Day lets the new students have a part for the first time in their new school traditions, just like they will take part in senior skip day and prom.
In conclusion freshman day is necessary. Freshman day introduces the new students to a school that they will get to be a...

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