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Friday the 13th Essay

  • Submitted by: seevster
  • on November 25, 2012
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The Number 13
The Superstition
Behind it!

Myth Busters Paper
Intro to Psychology

Have you ever had that eerie feeling on a particular Thursday evening that is the 12th day of the month? Knowing that when you awake on Friday morning that most of the natural world is walking on eggshells. That’s right! The infamous 13th day of the month, which occasionally falls on a Friday, is here. On most normal years there are only one or two Fridays like this, but in the year of 2012 there are three! What makes it especially spooky this year is that the three Friday the 13ths fall exactly 13 weeks apart! The first of the freaky Friday’s has come and gone, which was in January. The 3rd will come in July. And right now as you are reading, or are about to read this paper, it is Friday the 13th! Is it a coincidence that I choose the topic to write about? Hmmm?

Phobias Concerning Numbers and Days of the Week:
  * Triskaidekaphobia translates into people who fear the number 13.
  * Friggatriskaidekaphobia translates into people who the 6th day of the week being Friday.
  * Parashevidekatriaphobics are the people afflicted with the morbid, irrational fear of Friday the 13th.
21 million or 8% of Americans have a phobia of Friday the 13th, as stated by psychotherapist Dr. Donald Dossay of the Stress Management Center/Phobia Institute in
Asheville, NC.   The phobia -stricken tend to become distraught and immobile on Friday the 13th. In fact, billions of dollars are lost each year worldwide due to this superstition. Many man hours are lost due to people avoiding work, travel is decreased greatly, and people avoid making medical appointments. The travel industry has actually tried compensating for the loss by greatly reducing the price of fares on Friday the 13th.
In this paper I will discuss some of the possible origins and the history of the number 13, and how it has evolved into one of the most feared days for the entire world. Finding and discussing the...

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