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Friendship Poem Essay

  • Submitted by: kellimcdole
  • on November 25, 2012
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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Kelli McDole, kellimcdole@gmail.com, (870)530-5829
GPA: 3.4
After 13 years, I had to end my friendship with my bestfriend that was like a sister to me.

Don't Blink
We met each other our first day of school,
Although you brought your doll, I thought you were cool.
I was four, but you didn't care,
You let me in the "five year old club" when others wouldn't dare.
As we grew older, you became more than a friend.
I thought you would be my sister until the end.
When elementary, middle school and high school came,
Through it all, we promised our friendship would remain the same.
Freshman year was really rough,
Both of our dads going to rehab, that year was really tough.
We cried with each other and dried our tears,
I thought that meant we would be friends for years.
Sophomore year was almost right,
Until you got into that stupid fight.
We were good girls, and made all A's
Grades drop when you get suspended that many days.
I tried to ask your teachers to cut you some slack,
But you never even thanked me for having your back.
Because of your actions, none of our friends remain.
You only had me and your boyfriend to entertain.
I told you he was bad, you didn't care.
You said I was jealous, and It wasn't fair.
He finally dumped you for another lady,
But I was still there for you, no "if, and, but, or maybe"
Your new boyfriend wasn't a good guy.
When yall started dating, you started to lie.
You stopped coming to church and got mad when I pointed it out,
I knew he was trouble, without a doubt.
Drinking, sneaking out and lying was your new idea of fun,
So I decided I was done.
I can't be around while you're doing these things
While I'm looking at scholarships, you are looking at engagement rings.
I don't approve of these choices you make,
Your mom can't even talk sense into you, for heavens sake!
With a blink of an eye, you were gone.
I don't know what else I could have done.
You changed so fast that I didn't even know,
I thought our...

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