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Fuel Economy Essay

  • Submitted by: seannana
  • on November 18, 2013
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INVESTIGATING THE GLOBAL FUEL CONSUMTION OF TPGL LIGHT VEHICLES OBJECTIVE: 1. 2. 3. To analyze the fuel consumption trend of the light vehicles of TPGL. To find out key factors which contribute to this trend Suggest ways to improve upon the fuel economy. INTRODUCTION Energy saving has become the topic of the day as the world is running out of most its natural resources due to the rapid increase in world population as a whole. Demand for the knowledge of energy economy has increased and so is the demand for energy efficient devices. Having vehicles with good fuel consumption is now the order of the day for most fleet managers and individuals who want to cut down on their consumption. The fuel economy of a vehicle is the fuel efficiency relationship between the distance traveled and the amount of fuel consumed by the vehicle for that journey. Consumption can be expressed in terms of volume of fuel per distance travelled, or the distance travelled per unit volume of fuel consumed. Fuel economy can be measured as follows; miles per gallon (mpg), kilometers per liter (km/L), liters per 100 kilometers (L/100 km) etc. ANALYSIS In the case of the TPGL analysis we will be using liters per 100 kilometers (L/100 km). In this research data is gathered from the July, 2012 to the June, 2013 on all active vehicles for each month. For each month, the volume of fuel in liters and the estimated km travelled by all the vehicles is extracted from the total’s tomcard report. Find below the table summary of the data collected for the 12 months.

No. Months Vehicles 2012 July 112 August 115 September 113 October 110 November 113 December 115 2013 January 116 February 117 March 119 April 119 May 116 June 121

Km Covered 237,791 243,171 236,278 238,002 231,957 237,082 250,189 228,171 223,865 235,111 249,637 252,381

consumption consumption % Error Quantity (km/l) (l/100km) factor 28,948.6 8.21 12.17 19.0% 29,555.9 8.23 12.15 18.0% 28,655.3 8.25 12.13 17.7% 29,167.0 8.16 12.25 18.0%...

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