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Functions Of Management Essay

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Functions Of Management Paper

Managers must carry out certain functions in order to reach company goals. Managers perform the same types of tasks in all businesses. No matter if a person manages a fast food restaurant or a retail store, their main job is to plan, organize, lead, and control. This paper will define the four functions of management and explain how each relates to organizations.
Planning involves a manager to determine what the organizations goals are and what course of action that should be taken to achieve the goals. Setting objectives for the goal and following up on the execution of plan are two key components of the planning function (suite 101). Planning is an ongoing process. Managers have to constantly determine ways to achieve goals and to keep things on track. Following the plan and being able to correct issues when the plan is not working, helps planning be successful.
Organizing is the second function of management. Organizing involves preparing all the resources and putting into place the course of action. Appointing individuals to responsibilities that come together for the sole purpose of accomplishing the goals is one of the duties a manager must carry out. It is also the responsibility of a manager to know what his or her employees are capable of and use their strengths to carry out the company’s goals. Also through the organization process the manager is able to configure its direction and assign required resources (, 2010).
Companies want managers who have good leadership skills and can motivate and guide employees. Managers make sure that tasks are completed in time and policies followed. To be a leader means to lead by example, show employees what it is to be a hard working and responsible.   Employees respect a manager that can inspire and...

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