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Gay Marraige Essay

  • Submitted by: adrianaSI
  • on November 24, 2012
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Corey Craft                                                                                                                           Craft 1

                                                    Gay Marriage
How would you feel if someone tried to deny you the right to marry someone you love? Does the government have the right to define marriage of two people? Marriage is one of the most common ways to show ones love. Some people take this right for granted and these same people tend to forget that this right is not available to all people in the United States and the world. Some people have gone as far as proposing an amendment to the constitution that denies gay and lesbian citizens the right to marriage. The controversial matter of same sex marriage is viewed so differently by so many people because of their beliefs.
First, marriage is a form of showing ones love for another. Some people argue that gay marriage is wrong because God doesn’t approve of such things and it is just not right. In America, there are so many different religions and not all of them have the same teachings. People made treacherous journeys and went through many hardships coming to America in order to escape prejudice, discrimination, and to live a better and fuller lives. How is restricting marriage not a form of discrimination and bringing a better life to gay couples? There are so many people who are against same sex marriage due to fear of them raising gay children. The question is, don’t many gay adults come from heterosexual parents? Being a good parent doesn’t have anything to do with one’s sexuality.
Second, since homosexuals cannot create their own children, surely they should have the right to adopt? There are adoption centers all over the country that are filled with children wishing for a new home with loving parents. Instead of taking these children dreams away of having a loving home, these kids can be in a loving home of a gay couple. If same sex marriage is...

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