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Gebusi Tribe Notes Essay

  • Submitted by: MissLime
  • on October 25, 2010
  • Category: Social Issues
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Below is an essay on "Gebusi Tribe Notes" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

a. What were the author’s main goals for the book?
To document the transition from a traditional to a modern culture between two periods of time that he visited. (1982 and 1998)
observing the processes and effects of technological, economic, political and religious changes

b. How well did the author accomplish the goals he set out for himself at the beginning of the book?
His work promotes no anti-materialist or anti-modernist ideological agenda. He describes what he has seen in a clear, evocative style that neither preaches nor condemns. He provides professional diagrams to explain the differences and similarities between both trips. Knauft tells it in a compelling way that not only discloses the fate of yet another tribal culture, but — if read perceptively — affords a disconcerting mirror in which to recognize our own.

c. Are there topics that he might have handled differently or that he did not address at all which you feel should have been included?

Your paper should then discuss and demonstrate your comprehension of one of the following topics:
a.     The nature of Gebusi violence
Gebusi believed in giving gifts to visitors who come with peaceful/good intentions. Gebusi relationships were defined by things that one gave or did not give to others.

b.     Gebusi gender roles and sexual practices
While modern societies, particularly in North America, anguish over such alleged
problems as “same-sex marriage,” the Gebusi appear content with sexual diversity including ritual homosexuality. The women in Gebusi land seem to always take the blame when things go wrong even if it wasn’t their fault, like in the case of Dugawe. The men weren’t as hurt as the women (who wept) when an infant dies. The Gebusi’s usually married outside of their clan. People of the Gebusi’s society belonged to different clans.

c.     How Gebusi religious beliefs and spiritual practices
Gebusi’s were very spiritual and believed in sorcery. The Gebusi’s believed so...

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