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Gender Assignment Essay

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on November 17, 2013
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Gender Assignment

Gender plays a major role in differentiating the way in which a person communicates with one another, behaves, as well as the perceptions others have towards someone in a family, workplace, academic area, and other social settings.   Men and women have been personified separately for as long as history can go back, often times the “separation” has been that of an unfair undermining; nevertheless it has been an ongoing part of society in which we have all had to live with.   The way, in which a boy grows up, differs greatly from how a girl would grow up.   Such variables as parental attention, sibling rivalries, and academic expectations lead to men and women having different values for themselves as well as their opposite gender counterparts.   Not only do we all hold different values, but also there are definite expectations and even stereotypes for how a gender class is “supposed” to act in specific situations.   Many of theses expectations and stereotypes correlate directly with gender discrimination in society.   Examples varying from the way a specific gender should speak, with pronunciation and words said, all the way to career choices and particular jobs being “masculine” or “feminine”.   Even though stereotypes do exist, there is undoubtedly a significant amount of validity to the theory that men and women act in different behaviors.   The question that does arise is which specific behaviors should be expected or considered unfair stereotypes?
When it comes to separating men and women, a major aspect would be the way in which they behave in particular situations, as well as how men, society and other cultures expect women to act.   Obviously there are exceptions because no one human being is alike, but there are certain behavioral qualities that correlate with most women.   The majority of women seem to have a more distinct nurturing personality then do men.   Because of this, women’s values are intrinsically different than men due to the fact...

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