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Gender Roles Essay

  • Submitted by: dragonforce9
  • on October 25, 2010
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Gender Contender: What Role Do We Play?
Everyone has their good professors, and everyone has had their absolutely terrible professors. Well, I had one of the most sexist professors on the face of the earth. During my freshman year of college, I attempted to become a computer engineer at the South Dakota School of Mines. I was required to take a computer programming class. Upon the first day of class, I noticed that the male professor was slightly overweight. It must have been hard for him to walk the ten feet from his adjacent office. He entered the classroom, sweating like a whore in church. It took him twice as long as the average professor would take to read a syllabus. He would gasp for air after each sentence, wipe the sweat off of his forehead and flirt with the young girls who were in our class. This class was hard for me, and every other male student. I couldn’t even grasp how to write the first computer program. I tried to ask the professor for a little help on where to start. He simply belittled me, shouted at me, accused me and my other male classmates of being lazy, and left me with nothing to work with. Any females that came into his office for help were given all-access passes to an A in the course. I assumed my professor didn’t have a wife. At least I hope he didn’t, with the way he was undressing every girl with his eyes. He probably wrote a program to welcome him home every night.
      I gave up on the course after two semesters of not passing. I was required to fill out a course evaluation; so I wrote that he was the most sexist pig of a professor that I have ever seen. As you can see, this class angered me, so I decided to go against the nature of what most male students would do. I stopped trying to be a genius computer programmer. I decided I didn’t need to be the bread winner for my future wife and kids. I decided to be a teacher, who would treat all genders equally and not flirt with the girl students.
      Am I playing the role as a...

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