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Gender Roles Essay

  • Submitted by: colleen1978
  • on November 20, 2010
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“Gender roles in I Love Lucy versus Everybody Loves Raymond”

When comparing the gender roles in “I Love Lucy” versus “Everybody Loves Raymond,” there are some similarities but mainly differences. The particular episodes that I am going to compare and contrast are the job switch episode of “I Love Lucy” and the series finale of “Everybody Loves Raymond.” In this specific episode of “I Love Lucy,” Lucy and Ethel both get jobs packaging candy that is delivered on a conveyor belt while their husbands both stay at home. In the series finale episode of “Everybody Loves Raymond,” Ray is very nervous and worried about a routine surgery that he must have to remove his adenoids. The gender roles of the main characters are clearly defined in each episode, which uncovers one main similarity and some differences between the two.
The main similarity of the two shows is the way that their families are structured. Both Lucy and Ethel have their husbands who are Ricky and Fred. In “Everybody Loves Raymond,” Ray has his wife Debra and their family as well. In both of these particular shows the setting is one where the husband is still the head of the family. In each of the shows it appears that the wives took care of the household priorities such as cooking, cleaning, handling the finances, and taking care of the family. Even though the episode of “I Love Lucy” was filmed in 1952 and the episode of “Everybody Loves Raymond” was filmed in 2005, the basic family structure remains the same throughout.
One of the differences in the episode of “I Love Lucy” compared to the episode of “Everybody Loves Raymond,” is the way that idea of a woman in the workplace is perceived. In the episode of “I Love Lucy” both of the husbands were the ones that had careers and the wives stayed at home. One day Ricky comes home and has a heated talk with Lucy about how she has once again overdrawn their account. Fred and Ricky get together and point out that the women would be more apt to save money...

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