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Geographic Factors Essay

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Gene One Generic Benchmarking

February 22, 2010

Gene One Generic Benchmarking

      Gene One is a multi million dollar company that has grown exponentially since its creation eight short years ago.   Currently Gene One is considering becoming a publically traded company, and wants to use the funds generated in an IPO to fund new research and product development.   Gene One has a diverse group of senior leadership, but none of them has been through and IPO before.   Gene One’s leadership team will have to work hard and use their leadership talents to make the IPO a success.   Gene One is not the only company to have experienced many of these growing pains, and it may be a good idea for Gene One to use benchmarking to look at other companies success stories to help direct the business in the direction for future success.

Toyota Corporation- Myra
      Toyota has become the world's seventh largest company in the world and the second largest manufacture in automobiles, acquiring production facilities in 28 countries worldwide, with the highest production facility of any non-domestic manufacture of autos in the United States of America. In 2006 the Toyota Group broke their record by selling 8.8 million Toyota-Lexus, Daihatsu and Hino vehicles worldwide (Toyoland).
      Toyota, in 2007 aimed for a 6% increase in worldwide sales, which also marked their 70th anniversary. Toyota president Watanabe said during a new year's greeting that Toyota must implement measures concerning quality and reinforce foundations of manufacturing by implementing human resources development from a global perspective and support the local affiliates to operate autonomously (Toyoland). Toyota also within this year intends to introduce a FFV or flexible fuel vehicle that runs on 100% bioethanol in Brazil. Recently Toyota put special stamping equipment into the San Antonio, TX plant. The new presses use a third less energy than prior stamps that had...

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