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Geography Essay

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  • on November 17, 2013
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5 Factors that Affect Population Growth and How
Education is a factor that affects population growth by decreasing it. Women are now becoming more independent and are having a better education. This is encouraging them to go to work and university as they are more careers minded and want to earn their own money so therefore put off having children until later on in life. People who are more educated are more aware of things such as contraception and have the choice and availability of using it. Whereas, people who aren’t as educated don’t have an understanding of contraception and how to use it. Many won’t even know how to use it.
Cultural involvement can increase the population growth of a country. In every country there is at least one religion that people follow. In their religion they may be encouraged to have large families, or for example Roman Catholics do not believe in using contraception or having abortions. These will increase the population as they will follow these rules no matter what.
Healthcare is a factor that will increase a population’s growth. If healthcare in a country improves this allows more people to have a higher life expectancy due to hygiene and awareness of diseases being improved. It also means that infant mortally rates will be less and therefore more babies will survive, increasing the population.
Governmental policies can either decrease or increase the population. Governments can put in place policies to increase the countries population as there aren’t enough people, or to use them for military reasons. On the other hand, countries such as China have put in policies to restrict the amount of children being born in order to control the rapid growth of the population. This is to try and causes fewer resources to be used and prevent overpopulation.
Urbanisation is a factor that can increase a population’s growth. It can have an affect on the birth rates and death rates. As a country becomes more urbanised birth rates tend to...

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