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Geology 114 Essay

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  • on November 10, 2010
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Correlation 3.1



  Geological Time and the Ordering of Geological Events

Read the introductory material in the following pages before you come to the lab in order to familiarize yourself with the basic concepts and with the background to the topic.

This lab involves a short series of tasks that introduce the basic concepts of relative ordering of geological events and correlation. The tasks require that you recall and understand the basic workings of Steno’s Principles. The second component of this lab involves a simulated field exercise that requires you to select and explain how you make a series of interpretations and correlations
To understand the manner in which sediments are deposited as sheets of material
To understand the basis of lithostratigraphic correlation
To understand the basis of paleontological correlation
To understand the basic concepts that underpin relative dating
To understand the uses of fossils in stratigraphic and facies interpretations

Materials needed:
Provided in the lab except for: a pencil, colored pencils and a ruler (cm)

Other sources of information

Key terms:
superposition cross-cutting relations lateral Continuity
facies index fossil lithofacies
continuous tracing characteristic feature relative position position in sequence correlation index fossil
fossil taphonomy

Correlation 3.2

Notes         INTRODUCTION

Up until the start of the twentieth century the ordering of geological events was based entirely on relative concepts. Simply put, it was only possible to determine whether some layer of rock, characterized by some particular suite of fossils or by...

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