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George Essay

  • Submitted by: HengHeng1
  • on November 18, 2013
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How to make friends
A lot of people afraid of making friends because they mostly don’t know how to start the first word to chat when they want to try to talk with people. In my personal view, this phenomenon has been happened on Asian very often because most of them are shy. There are some steps and tips as below:

Talk to people. You can join a club; go to school, or go to church but you still won’t make friends if you don’t actually talk to people. You can talk to anybody; the clerk at the video store, the person sitting next to you on the bus, or the person in front of you in the lunch line. Don’t be too picky. Most of conversations will be end of sorts, when you may never talk to that people again, or you just remain acquaintances, but once in a while you will actually make a friend. But remember, when you want to start a conversation, don’t talk about yourself all the time; ask them questions about themselves. Show interest in your friends and what they like.
Encourage your friend. A very good friend encourages his/her friend. He/she will remain with him/her in both good as well as bad times. Never ever make fun or laugh at your friend in front of others. If someone is making fun of him/her, a good friend will come to save or support his/her friend.
Keep in contact. Many people often times lose contact their friends because they are either too busy or just don’t value their friends enough. When you lose connection with a friend, the friendship may fizzle out, and when you try to contact them again, it’s hard to re-fire the friendship.

According to these steps and tips, I believe that making friends is not the difficult thing anymore. One more important thing, be confident, and everybody could make their ideal friends for sure.

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