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George Berkeley's 3 Dialogues Essay

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  • on November 15, 2010
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Berkeley’s Three Dialogues

      In his three dialogues, George Berkeley’s central claim is that to be is to be perceived, whereby reality only consists exclusively of minds and ideas. Real things are strictly identical to sensible qualities, and thus depend on a perceiver to exist. However, this paper aims to defend the ontological view that sensible qualities are only appearances of the external world and therefore do not reveal all there is to know about the external world. In other words, humans possess only a limited set of modes of perception that, in turn, allow only a narrow window of perceiving the external world, i.e. what we call sensible qualities. Berkeley’s response is that he cannot make sense of the notion of a material substance and this is largely due to the fact that the supposed material substance and the nature of our ideas occasion fundamentally different properties and thus it is unclear how a material substance can support our ideas.   Consequently, this paper will attempt to substantiate such a notion and argue that belief in the existence of a material substance offers a better explanation of the phenomena of being conscious of an external world than Berkeley’s idealism.
In his First Dialogue, Berkeley attempts to quench atheism and skepticism by aiming to retain a philosophy of common sense.   In this attempt, he makes the claim that there is no such thing as what philosophers call material substance. He argues against Hylas in this dialogue on what we know as sensible things or things that recognized immediately by our five senses.   In a major defense against Hylas’ point that certain properties of sensation reside within the object itself Berkeley said, “ you may pretend to have discovered certain qualities which you do not perceive and assert those insensible qualities exist in fire and sugar… what good does this do to purpose of understanding whether or not matter exists.” (461) Obviously any person today would agree that when, for...

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