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George Rogers Clark Essay

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  • on November 17, 2013
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George Rogers Clark was a great Revolutionary War leader because he was a skilled surveyor, gained more control of the Northwest Territory, and captured British outposts.
George Rogers Clark was involved in surveying along the Ohio River in the mid-1770s. He became interested in the Kentucky country and opposed those who sought to establish an independent society of Transylvania there. At the occurrence of the Revolution, Clark convinced the Virginia government to make Kentucky a separate county. He also persuaded them to empower him to enlist troops for its defense against the British and Indians along the borderline.
In May of 1778, Clark led an expedition of approximately 175 men to capture two Mississippi River settlements- Kaskaskia and Cahokia. In Kaskaskia, Clark grew a friendship with Pierre Gibault, who persuaded the French at Vincennes to change their allegiance. After this, Clark went to Fort Nelson, now known as Louisville, and made this his base for the rest of the Revolutionary War. In 1790, he helped defeat a British expedition against the Spanish settlement at St. Louis. He also demolished Indian towns and villages and destroyed their crops.
By gaining the forts of the British and the villages of Indians, George Rogers Clark gained more control of the Northwest Territory. He was now moving more west of the Ohio River. He always wanted to proceed to Detroit, but never got the reinforcements to do so. When the Treaty of Paris officially ended the Revolutionary War in 1783, the territory George Rogers Clark gained helped America become bigger and better.
George Rogers Clark cannot compare to other Revolutionary War heroes such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, or John Paul Jones, but he was a leader who made a difference in American history. If it wasn’t for Clark’s bravery, America might not have expanded the way it did. George Rogers Clark’s achievements were not esteemed during his lifetime, but they are acknowledged today.

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