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Geri Essay

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1. Resident History:
Ms. R.K is a widowed 99 year old female. She was born in Missouri and moved to West Palm Beach in 90's along with her husband.   Her husband has since passed away about 10 years ago. She states she completed high school but did not attend college because she had to work. She work as a secretary/ librarian at the local high school. Her hobbies in her early years of life were being outdoors gardening and watching her husband fish.
Her medical history reveals that she has hypothyroidism in which she is prescribed levothyroid. She also has a history of HTN and osteoporosis. She received a kidney scan back in which revealed kidney problems.
She grew up with a twin sister. The community they lived in back in Missouri was a small town. Her and her sister married two brothers who were three years

2. Current daily activities:
The resident enjoys going to art class and playing bingo.   When asked to describe her daily routine she stated " I get out of bed every morning early at around 7am. There is no sleeping in around here because they get you up early. If I were at home I would not get up quit so early. I head down to the dining room for breakfast then I go to exercise class. I enjoy exercise class because it helps me stay fit as much as I can for my age. After exercise or whatever activity they have for us I usually lay down in bed or sit in my w/c in my room until its time for lunch. I really enjoy the art class they have. I never was an artist before but now I love art activities. Before you know it it's time for dinner and off we go. After dinner I wait in my room and someone

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