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German Theologian Associated with Political Theology Essay

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Module 8b01 course slides 8b1 johann Baptist Metz: Blindness and Religion

German theologian associated with political theology Tells a story about life in a small Bavarian village in which there are high church participation rates- obedient, orthodox parishioners

Trouble was that there was a death camp built about 50 km away The camp was not talked about by the parishioners or by the church Metz worried about what is was in the Catholic religion that made them so blind to the suffering

Baum:"What was t in Catholic practice in the steadfast piety in the daily liturgy that made the people mute and unable to react to the ongoing slaughter of human beings. He does not blame them(Metz), but he is driven to ask the question: was there an ideological taint implicit in the religion they had inherited, a distorting message that made them react in such an inhuman way in the face of mass murder in their own neighborhood? Was their religion an ideology, a myth designed to make people subservient to and uncritical of those in authority no matter what?"

The Christian Churches during the Holocaust were largely ineffectual The Holocaust was carried out by Christian people- you can't take the Christianity out of the Holocaust

Traditional Catholicism blinded people to what was happening

Lutheran Church in Denmark did do a lot-resisted Nazi orders, saved 95% of all Danish Jews

8b2 The Dread of Ideological Distortion

This experience of evil, God's absence and its toleration by Christians leads sensitive believers to fear that their religion has become simply an ideology that distorts really and makes them behave in a way that serves the interest of people in power

Are politics and religion separate entitles? In this case the religion has perhaps blinded people to a political purpose - a political program that we understand to be evil

Emil Durkheim - early sociologist Argues that religion...

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